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About Exhibit Promotions Plus, Inc.

Founded in 1969, Exhibit Promotions Plus, Inc. serves as your extended staff and your trade show consultants. Pioneering excellence and award winning achievements in creating a traditional / "next generation" trade show plus expanding an established regional, (inter)national exhibition are the hallmark of EPP and YOUR success!

EPP assumes the financial risk of promotional expenses and of staffing resources. Our singular source of compensation is based upon earned sales commission - no retainer fee.

Our Philosophy About Meetings: EPP is sensitive to the overall mission of our client associations. Despite great technological advances, there is still no substitute for meeting someone in person. Relationship-building is the best way to grow your business or membership; getting to know someone in person and looking them in the eyes makes all the difference.


"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Your Service - Full Trade Show Conference Management

EPP delivers...

  • New sources & an increase in non-dues income
  • Trade Show Promotions - Optimizing expo, sponsorship & advertising sales
  • Personalized assistance in all facets of trade show management, production & planning
  • Exhibit Attendance Promotion - Membership & attendance building
  • Site selection - strengthening your association's negotiating power
  • Trade Show Planning - Integrated meeting planning
  • Legal Expertise / Conference Hotel Negotiations / Financial Administration
  • Unmatched industry relationships
  • Saves you time & staffing resources